Conservatives and Dating

Canadian political mores and democratic institutions are shaken by the Conservative government, weakening the civic capacity for political freedom. Citizen mobilization is essential. This has also affected the dating lives of many citizens.

conservative building


Since May 2011, the Conservative Party led by Stephen Harper has the parliamentary majority he lacked so far. There has not been a qualitative change in the aims targeted by the Conservatives, nor the means used to achieve them. On the other hand, the margin of maneuver provided by the majority allows them to save time and to work as many transformations as possible before the inevitable happens, that is to say, before they lose power.

Governments are similar to any human institution: they are born, develop, mature and disappear, and then resurface in new forms. But nothing allows us to predict when we will see the fall of the Conservatives. All we can see today is that knowing that they will not be in power forever, they want to act in such a way as to leave an indelible mark. The depth of the transformations they want to impose on Canadian democratic institutions and morals seems unprecedented.


If people support different political parties it makes it very hard for them to have a relationship. They will have two different belief systems and not get along. People have even gone to war over hostile situations.

What Can Be Done?

Overall the most important thing is for couples to keep an open mind. Just because someone is a conservative doesn’t mean that they can’t date a Liberal and vice versa.